About Us


Goal of the company

The goal of this company is to respond to an increasing demand from designers, collectors, investors in this attractive and complex art market.

Being always looking for the next art expression Sylia and Pierre decided to incorporate the NFT.  NFTs as an evolution of fine art collecting, only with digital art that gives you an instant worldwide exposure attracting investors and collectors.  NFTs are designed to give you something that can’t be copied: ownership of the work. For exemple anyone can have a Salvador Dali print. But only one person can own the original.

Due to his rich background in the art industry Marcand who use to work closely with prominent artists from the last century Chagall, Dali, Buffet having the privilege to own several originals and exclusive contracts and copywrtite with those artists will display some of the exclusive work never seen before in the house.


MDP is a family business company run by Sylia de Palma and Pierre Marcand who incorporate their activity in the art world which is more and more focus on promoting new contemporary artists and more recently NFT artist at international level.

"Founder Pierre Marcand and Sylia De Palma appear at an even in front of art from one of their top selling managed artists Shane Guffog.

Pierre Marcand

Pierre Marcand is director of the company, has extensive knowledge and experience in the art field, from Art publishing (Marcand started in art publishing in the 80’s when he join-ventured with Martin Lawrence company*) to art advise, art dealing and artist representation and management.

Martin Lawrence at that time was promoting top international artists, including Marc Chagall, Salvador Dali, Keith Haring, Erte, Yamagata and proposing, for selected collectors, entrusted major original works by Picasso, Matisse, Degas, Renoir and major artists of the same level.

Marcand was in parallel working in Asia, as art broker  for 15 years, researching and supplying on a constant basis original artworks from French impressionists and post impressionist (Renoir, Monet, Cezanne, Van Gogh, Matisse,…) for Japanese, Taiwanese and Singaporean corporations.

In order to find these original works, Marcand was, and has been since, permanently in contact with experts, auctioneers and collectors.

​Additionally Marcand, using his personal contacts, has access to exclusive artworks from private collections than he can propose to qualified collectors.

Sylia De Palma

Syllia De Palma was born and raised in France, had her studies at college and university in Aix en Provence. Initially intended to embrace a politic career, gifted for social communication languages, she speaks fluently French, Italian and English as she spend most of her childhood traveling the world, always been immersed in the art world as her grandfather was a prominent art publisher. Just after she obtained her master in economy, she was offered this opportunity, to work in the travel industry for a company having multiple branch offices in Middle East and Asia particularly.  This position gave her the chance to learn Arabic and to develop skill in communication with international audiences. She took advantage of her position to establish multiple professional and social contacts in various countries, including Europe, Asia, Russia, Japan and Australia, before to settle down in United States. She used her ability to learn and communicate to gather knowledge and experience in this attractive domain of Art.  Immersed in the Art world, she learned about Art history and its major art movements, Contemporary Art, Artists, Art market, Art investment, Art promotion and marketing.  She was progressively involved with permanent communications with artists, museum curators, art dealers and collectors, in Europe, in Asia and in the US. 

Sylia de Palma, continuing to work associated to Pierre Marcand, is now an experimented art coordinator in charge of the new international museum exhibitions in Europe and assumes the coordinator role for the communication, at larger scale, of the global promotion and exposure of the artist we represent.