High end Investment with expertise and consultation

Our offerings include works by some of the most popular and established artists. We’ve compiled what we believe to be the most complete database of artists and their works (original paintings, pastels, pencils, inks, charcoals, watercolor, gouaches, mix-media, limited editions, sculptures and multiples) that have been purchased and resold throughout history.

Our acquisition team locates what we consider to be a good piece, at a fair price to invest.

Each of our clients, Art collectors/Art investors are permanently informed of the evolution of the market for the artwork(s) they acquired through our advise,

Our expertise and council work with our clientele on the purchase as well as on the resale of the works.

We provide worldwide our consultation service including all information’s needed for national and international transactions regarding taxes optimization, shipping, crating, insurance, temporary exportation, storage and protection of the artworks.